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 Power Of The Sacred Orb SHOP

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PostSubject: Power Of The Sacred Orb SHOP   Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:27 pm

POTSO has been a pretty large success. Time to make a shop!
Every character starts out with 100 coins.

Nightve was walking around the grassy field of Juviva when he thought: "Our people need merchants.. A shop.. Yes."
So, he went and opened a shop, because he wanted to.
This shop is in Juviva, at the entrance of the island.

How do I get stuff?
Well, first, in the normal roleplay thread you need to go to Juviva, and go to the shopkeeper.
Come to this thread, and roleplay coming to the shop and saying what you need, and then buying it.
Then, roleplay on the normal thread, getting your items. You need to copy and paste/quote your roleplay line from this thread onto the normal thread.

Good luck!
"Hiya! I'm Greech General, and i'm the guy to get yer items."
"You want to see my wares? Sure, sounds good. I will get moer items in stock aswell."

Wooden Training Shortsword: 25 coins
Strength: 5

Wooden Training Dagger: 15 coins
Strength: 3

Noob Bow: 30 coins (Comes with 50 wooden arrows)
Ammo: Wooden Arrows

Wooden Arrow: 1 coin each
Strength: 5

Basic Shortsword: 30 coins
Strength: 8

Basic Dagger: 20 coins
Strength: 5

Basic Knife: 17 coins
Strength: 4

Basic Katana: 34 coins
Strength: 10

Noob Staff: 12 coins
Strength: 3
Magic Strength: 5
Can Cast: Basic Ice/Fire/Water/Earth spells

Bronze Dagger: 25 coins
Strength: 7

Bronze Shortsword: 45 coins
Strength: 12

Bronze Knife: 23 coins each
Strength: 6
Ranged Strength: 8

Bronze Katana: 48 coins
Strength: 11
Special Ability: Sidesweep 1. This special ability has 12 strength and can attack two enemies that are close together at the same time. 2 post cooldown.

Bronze Pole: 49 coins
Strength: 10
Special Ability: Sidestep 1. This ability will shield you from one attack. 4 post cooldown.

Bronze Mace: 56 coins
Strength: 14

----NOVICE RANGED WEAPONS (Same as Bronze)

Leather Bow: 50 coins (Comes with 50 bronze arrows)

Bronze Arrow: 2 coins each
Strength: 7

Bronze Knife: 23 coins each
Strength: 6
Ranged Strength: 8

Bronze Javelin: 12 coins each
Ranged Strength: 6

Wooden Crossbow: 65 coins (Comes with 50 light bolts)

Light Bolt(Weight): 12 coins each
Ranged Strength: 14


Electro Staff 1: 32 coins
Strength: 4
Melee Special Ability: Electrowhack. You can charge up a electric power in your staff, which takes one post. But, it has 12 melee strength and can paralyze your enemy!
Magic Strength: 12
Can Cast: Amateur Electric Spells, Novice Ice Spells, Basic Earth Spells, Basic Fire Spells, Amateur Water Spells

Wizard Orb 1: 23 coins
Strength: 1
Magic Strength: 9
Can Cast: All basic spells

Psychic Power 1(Is a psychic force in your hand): 34 coins
Strength: 0
Magic Strength: 14
Can Cast: Amateur Psychic Spells, all other basic spells

Hawk Staff 1: 37 coins
Strength: 5
Melee Special Ability: Call Of Birds. Charge up a windy power in your staff, which takes one post. Release it for a nice whirlwind that has 18 magic strength, and you can whack the enemy to have 10 melee strength.
Magic Strength: 16

Planned Items:
"A rare type of metal, which is cursed with electricity. Safe to put on as armour, weapons and whatever. Nice stuff."

Amateur weapons etc.


Shields! WHY!

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Power Of The Sacred Orb SHOP
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