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 Rules v1.0

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PostSubject: Rules v1.0   Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:28 am

1). No Swearing.
Swearing is not tolerated in the forums, we want to keep the forum 10+, moderate language. Report PM threats to us. Anyone caught bypassing the filter, discrimination against someone, or swearing themselves will be...
Arrow Warned, Citation
Arrow Banned
1 - If in use of a swear word.
2 - Very serious swear. In use of the [F] word or [B] word, or swear multiple times.

2). No Hacking.
If the forum itself is hacked, or you have been hacked, report it to us. Hacking isn't tolerated here.
Arrow Banned
1 - Automatic ban for hacking.

3). No Back-Seat Moderating.
Don't be a fr00b. Instead of replying to the topic, report it. Also, do not report more than twice. It dumps spam down our Report Box.
Arrow Warning
Arrow Citation
1 - Back-Seat Moderating, Constant Reporting.
2 - Being a nubcake and fr00bing this forum.

4). Do Not Insult Moderators and Administrators.
We try our best to make the forum fun and safe. The system to ban and to delete forums is a little complicated. It takes a while, so don't insult us.
Arrow Warning
1 - Being a noob and asking us, "U ARZ NAWT DOIN UR JAWBZ!!!!1113121!!!1"

5). No Spam.
Anyone caught spamming or flooding the forums with links, random letter, etc. will be...
Arrow Warned, Citation
Arrow Banned
1 - Have spammed once or twice.
2 - Repeated spam.

6). No Advertising.
Anyone advertising on the forum must use their signature. If they do not, they will be...
Arrow Warned Citation
Arrow Banned
1 - Regular Advertising
2 - Inappropriate link, or repeated advertising.

7). Best Grammar.
Please use your best English, alongside your grammar. No one will understand you. Exceptions include various countries who do not speak in English.
Arrow Warning
Arrow One Citation (if necessary)
1 - Horrible grammar
2 - Purposely in use of horrible grammar.

Cool. Do Not Double Post.
It will be considered flood/spam if you double post. Please edit your post.
Arrow Warning
1 - Repeated use of double post

9). Do Not Post Off-Topic.
Avoid posting in the wrong topic. We will have a hard time moving everyone's posts if they are all off-topic. Do the right thing.
Arrow Warning
1 - Off-Topic

10). Asking A Question? Search Before Posting.
If you are asking a question, please search the forums before you do so, or check the FAQ. Your answer may be already answered in our previous topics.
Arrow Warning, Link To Original Topic
1 - Already answered question.

11). Common Sense.
Just because it is in the forums does not mean it isn't right. If you have doubts on doing something, do not do it.
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Rules v1.0
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